Core Space Purge Reinforcements


This pack bolsters your Purge forces, perfect for larger games or just when you want more of a challenge.

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Product Contents

5 Harvester Miniatures
2 Devastator Miniatures
1 Assassin Miniature
1 Live One Miniature
3 Event Cards

Product Overview

This booster pack for Core Space bolsters your Purge forces with Harvesters, Devastators, and even an Assassin and a Live One. These are perfect for larger games or just when you want more of a challenge, and the new Event Cards will seamlessly integrate them into your missions.

Requires the Core Space Starter Set to play, unless you just want a pack of great minis!

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Always good to have more foes available. While really meant for large player count games, these models are fun to paint up and have at the ready if you are feeling like upping the difficulty in a standard game or if you have 2 crews playing coop through the missions.

When there's more, there's more!!! Indispensable to increase the stress of enemy invasions, especially when playing with more than two crews or on large boards. A treat to paint!

The Purge Reinforcements is perfect for larger games with 3 or more players. It adds a little more of a challenge when the traders' firepower becomes too much of a match for the standard purge included in the base game. And, we all know that the purge's numbers are really endless...

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