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The First Born Are Stirring…

16th October 2020

The First Born Are Stirring…

Unless you’ve been living inside an asteroid you’ll know that Core Space: First Born is preparing for launch very soon. As that time approaches we thought we’d take a closer look at what you’ll be getting. Read on to find out more, including the launch date!

If you missed our previous article on the First Born (full of Colin’s design notes and background on the First Born) you can check it out HERE.

Core Space: First Born is a standalone starter set that’s perfect for new players but it also functions as an expansion to broaden the Core Space experience for existing Trader captains, and both starter sets can be used alongside each other.

The new set contains a single Trader crew intended for solo/co-op play but you can of course add other crews for PvP gaming. Core Space’s gameplay was already designed for a co-op experience with the main antagonists controlled by the game’s AI, but as a narrative-driven game this needs to be supported by the story and by singular shared mission objectives. That’s where the focus is with this new starter set. With threats on all sides, fighting each other would be unwise…

Here’s a close-up look at part of the box art currently in progress with our artist Nick. The Traders have not yet realised what lurks in the shadows below…

The Purge have been sweeping through the Perseus Arm sector after sector, at this point virtually unchallenged and consuming everything in their path. Our audacious Trader crews have been left with little choice than to venture further and further out to find viable salvage.

The crew of the Eidolon have emerged from Core Space into the orbit of a small white star. The star wasn’t on their maps, but it couldn’t have moved… could it? A wide field of orbiting asteroids appear to have unnatural structures jutting from their surface, although there are no signs of life to indicate what could have created them. The Eidolon’s captain Cassie Peltier senses a chance for some lucrative tomb raiding…

As they venture into the seemingly long-abandoned temples and crypts, the original inhabitants begin to wake up. Eons of dream-filled slumber has made these creatures fanatical and paranoid. Although they once longed to encounter new species they have come to fear and despise these new interlopers and will offer no mercy.

For the Traders, faced with such ancient power, it’s fight or flight. They have no desire to die, but behind them lies the Purge and ahead lies the emptiness of space – there’s death wherever they turn. At least sticking around might result in some priceless relics to pilfer. Their famous credo does say to “Adapt” after all…

We will take a deeper look at the story behind the First Born in more articles over the coming weeks.

The Kickstarter

OK, we’ve teased you long enough now. You want to know what you’re getting and when you’re getting it, don’t you?

The Kickstarter for Core Space: First Born will be launching on October 28th and running for around three weeks, with a plan to deliver in autumn 2021. So, that’s when, but what do you get? The following image is still work in progress but we think it’s pretty awesome already!

Yes, that’s right, the pledge includes the incredible Fury of the Insane God expansion right from the start! The True God is the biggest miniature we have ever made for Core Space and stands over 120mm tall! Flanked by its two hulking Guardians and with brand-new missions to tell its story, this is a challenge your Traders can’t afford to miss.

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