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Mission #34 Storm Warning

5th February 2024

Mission #34 Storm Warning

Part 3: Storm Warning

This mission is part 3 of a mini-campaign. It can be played on it’s own, but you might want to play the previous parts first:

A few months ago the crewmember that you saved on Big Iron helped a pair of archaeologists to escape from Salvor Kartain’s ‘hospitality’. Since then, the archaeologists have been hiding out in a down-on-its-luck frontier settlement called Yenton. Unfortunately, their fortune has run out and Bounty Hunters have picked up their trail. They need a ship to pick them up , and they are willing to pay your crew for their time. It sounds like a simple job and getting one over on Kartain just makes it even easier to say yes. You should have known it wouldn’t be so easy.

Can you weather a vicious storm, and evade Bounty Hunters during a Purge invasion to rescue the two archaeologists? What is at stake might be more than just their lives…

This mission sees you racing to beat a pair of Bounty Hunters to their Marks and also contains rules to simulate the challenges your crew will face during the storm – from limited vision to potential damage to your ship from flying debris.

Expansions Required: Wanted: Dead Or Alive

Alternative Terrain Options

A map that you can build using the terrain in the Core Space Starter Set box has been included with this scenario, but the scenario is perfect for use with our other sci-fi terrain, such as the Galactic and Frontier core sets. The setting is a residential district of a rundown frontier settlement during a ferocious storm, so playing the scenario over their multiple levels and tight corridors can take it to the next level.

Science Fiction Terrain

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