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Mission Monday #29 A Mole in a Hole

27th February 2023

Mission Monday #29 A Mole in a Hole

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A Mole in a hole

Mission by Gilberto Guillen

A scientist working for Black Star has had doubts about the ethics of their work. In an attempt to limit the damage their research might cause, they are now working as a mole for a Galactic Corps agent. They have uncovered some vital intel but this also alerted the MegaCorp to the scientist’s treachery. The Galactic Corps have no assets in the area, so they have employed your crew to recover the intel before Gangers working for Black Star can.

Your main goal in this mission is to make contact with the Mole and secure the intel, but you’ll have to identify them first. This would be easy enough if it wasn’t for the Gangers working for Black Star, who will stop at nothing to kill the Mole and stop the intel from getting out. Can you secure the intel and save the Mole?

This mission requires Core Space Black Star Rising and the Shootout at Zed’s expansions, plus the Medical Research Lab terrain to play.

This mission uses the Black Star Rising expansion for Core Space.

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