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More words and pictures

27th April 2013

The manufacturing process grinds on and we’re now in a position to let you know a bit more of what to expect from our new line. First, we hope to start the Kickstarter in July 2013. This may be pushed back a bit if the product isn’t ready; we would rather you waited a bit longer for something a bit better. Ideally, we’d like our sets shipped to our backers by late autumn/early winter and out on game shop shelves by Christmas. In an ideal world. Which we all live in 🙂


Nice closeup of consoles, wall console and that big screen thingy, probably HDTV for watching the sports, I dunno, do they relax in the future? I’ve never even seen a toilet in these things.

Also, we will be selling the new line as two main boxed sets. The first is a large starter set with walls, doors, floors and varied furniture such as consoles, cloning chambers, turbines, etc.


What do you get in the starter set? Walls. Lots of walls. Have some floors to go with those walls.

The second is the multi-level expansion set which has more walls, wall fascias, gantries and everything else you need for high level skirmishing (the exact contents may change prior to manufacture).


This is what you want. You dream about it. You should probably get out more.

We will also sell extra furniture and clips and have more expansion packs lined up if the line sells well.


Card clips? Not on my watch.

Even more words and pictures in a fortnight’s time 😉

The figures were supplied by the guys at Mantic Games and painted by Rich at Sabre Minatures.


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