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Sci-Fi II Kickstarter Funded!

23rd October 2016

Hi, guys, our new SCI-FI II KICKSTARTER funded in a record 10 minutes!

We’re now just in our second day and we’ve already unlocked 6 stretch goals including a cool add-on, the ominous sounding Medical Research Lab.

Is this where a shady government conclave do their nefarious research? Or a major multi-national uses biological warfare to dodge it’s taxes? It’s up to you 🙂


What goes on behind those locked doors?

Talking of stretch goals the vast majority of them are FREE to the backers. By the end of the campaign the backers always get a generous amount of free items to go with their pledge.


FREE! FREE I tell ya!

As the funding increases the FREE items increase. We also unlock new add-ons that can be bought as extras, the more funding the more add-ons.


These beefy looking airlock doors are FREE to our backers!

Thinking that this campaign is just for spaceship nutjobs? Wrong! This terrain can also be used as external buildings 🙂


Flat pack these bad boys onto that alien world you’ve always wanted to conquer!


Prefer individual buildings? Why not?

Beasts of War have a couple of cool videos, first is their Weekender interview with us (starts at 11 mins 25 secs):

And secondly a game of Infinity played on our terrain by the nice chaps at Shut Up & Sit Down.

Come join the Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1621774283/battle-systemstm-sci-fi-ii-terrain


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