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Into the Wasteland: Fallout Compatible Terrain

11th July 2024

Into the Wasteland: Fallout Compatible Terrain

Using Battle Systems Terrain Sets For Post-Apocalyptic Games Like Fallout

In the Fallout universe, survival is a daily struggle and danger hides around every corner. Some players might try to avoid the ghouls and raiders, but not you – you’re an adventurer! At Battle Systems, we understand the need to explore the treacherous yet exhilarating expanses of the wastelands. That’s why our terrain sets are designed to immerse players in the heart of a post-apocalyptic world. Perfect for games like Fallout Wasteland Warfare or Fallout The Roleplaying Game! (Of course that means it also works really well for other apocalyptic settings like Zombicide, Walking Dead, or Mutant: Year Zero too).

Let’s dive into how Battle Systems terrain can enhance your post-apocalyptic gameplay.

Another Settlement Needs Our Help

Expand Your Horizons With Our Shanty Towns And Wasteland Colonies

In the harsh, irradiated world of Fallout, improvised settlements are beacons of hope. With our Shanty Town Core Set and Wasteland Colony Set, you can recreate these iconic settings with incredible detail.

All the pieces are modular, offering countless Fallout terrain configurations for your wasteland adventures. Picture your tabletop as the bustling hub of Diamond City, the sprawling shacks of Megaton, or the tight-knit community of Filly. This versatility ensures every game feels fresh, with new dangers and stories emerging.

Imagine leading your Brotherhood of Steel squad through the remnants of a pre-war neighbourhood turned survivor enclave or engaging in a desperate battle against Super Mutants to rescue captured settlers. The possibilities are endless, and the modularity of our terrain means that no two games will ever feel the same, keeping your Fallout campaigns as dynamic as the wasteland itself.

Experience Fallout’s Urban Decay And Danger with Our Urban Apocalypse Terrain

The ruins of urban America are a hallmark of the Fallout series, from the war-torn streets of the Capital Wasteland to the decaying grandeur of downtown Boston. Our City Block Core Set brings this gritty urban atmosphere to your tabletop, letting you explore the depths of ruined cities that are teeming with hidden threats and unpredictable hazards.

With detailed interiors and multi-level buildings, this terrain is brimming with tactical opportunities and storytelling potential.

Skyrim terrain in Fallout…

Create A Blend of Eras With Our Fantasy Village

OK, bear with us here. While primarily designed for fantasy settings our fantasy terrain, like the Fantasy Village Set, can add a unique twist to your post-apocalyptic campaigns too! In a world where the past collides with the future, old-fashioned architecture can help create a more diverse cityscape.

By incorporating elements of the Fantasy Village, you can create immersive environments that feel authentically lived in. Use these terrain pieces to enrich your wasteland world, adding layers of history and depth to your Fallout adventures.

Sci-fi Terrain for Fallout

Beware Of Zetans

Although tech levels are pretty low in the wasteland, this is a sci-fi setting that means that it’s easy to use sci-fi terrain for Fallout. The gleaming halls of the Institute, the fragile refuge of a functioning Vault, and the corridors of crashed spacecraft are all perfect examples. The Galactic Core Set (or Frontier Core Set if you want a more lived in look) is perfect for creating terrain for adventures set in Vault or the Institute.

Galactic Core Set
Frontier Core Set

Our sci-fi miniatures game Core Space is also a great source of terrain for Fallout. The repurposed shipping containers of Trading Post 5 or the Trader Encampment make an excellent centrepiece for a trading hub in a settlement, and Zed’s bar from the Shootout At Zed’s expansion would be right at home too.

Trader Encampment
Shootout At Zed’s

Add the Final Touches with Essential Accessories

While our main terrain sets create the foundational structure of your wasteland adventures, it’s the little details that truly bring the story to life. Our accessory packs are the cherry on top, taking your gaming experience from great to unforgettable.

Medical Research Lab

With our Medical Research Lab Set, your squad could stumble across unspeakable experiments being conducted by the elusive scientists of The Institute, hidden deep in the ruins. Picture quarantine partitions hiding captive synths in need of rescue, illuminated by the eerie glow of the Auto-Doc that casts long shadows over the room.

Engineering Sector

Your team might find themselves in the heart of a Poseidon Energy facility, surrounded by the thrum of machinery and the hiss of steam. Our Engineering Sector Set can be used to create this claustrophobic, machinery-filled environment. Take cover behind blast shields during intense firefights or use the six-legged cargo bot to transport your precious loot. Civilisation will hang on where engineers can keep the lights on, so you’d better protect these irreplaceable machines!

These accessory packs integrate seamlessly with all other Battle Systems terrain, allowing you to add authentic elements to your post-apocalyptic campaigns and make games feel even more immersive.

Even More Inspiration from our Kickstarter

The examples given so far from our existing range are just the start! We have a whole host of new sets from our recent Kickstarter campaign, which are about to be launched for retail.

Ravenskeep Sewers

Test your party’s mettle by recreating the sinister sewers of Necropolis with our Ravenskeep Sewers Set. Can you uncover the secrets of the claustrophobic catacombs, where feral ghouls are waiting to ambush you?

Mines of Meruta

Or incorporate an abandoned mine with our Mines of Meruta Set. Made obsolete by modern machinery, old mines were forced to close centuries before the bombs dropped. Off the beaten track and easily defensible, these tunnels provide protection from harmful fallout. They could make a perfect base for your heroes… or their foes.

Fallout Terrain Fan Build

Robert Taylor shared this fantastic Fallout Wasteland Warfare terrain build on our Battle Systems Terrain Fan Group on Facebook, take a closer look by viewing his post here.

Conclusion: It’s Time to Forge Your Own Wasteland

Whether you’re scavenging the remnants of a fallen city or defending a shanty settlement from raiders, our terrain can help bring your next great adventure to life.

Ready to transform your tabletop into a post-apocalyptic battlefield? Dive into our collection and build your own piece of the wasteland today.