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This deluxe, 176-page hardback rulebook contains everything you need to play Core Space in one place. It is a companion product to the Starter Set and other associated products, expanding the game with advanced rules, background and customisation.

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Product Contents

Core Rules

A comprehensive guide to the components and rules needed to play the game.


Full rules for the AI-controlled Galactic Corps, Security, Criminal Gangers and Civilians.


Objectives, maps, difficulty settings, and everything you need to create your own stories.


Turn your games into one continuous story with rules for Extraction, Advancement and Trading.

The Perseus Arm Campaign

10 narrative missions in which the crews of the Ion Hope and Black Maria must stop a Purge invasion.

Advanced Rules

Plenty of exciting new ways to add a twist to your games, with a Game Master, new terrain, Trader injuries, and lots more!

Character Creation

Detailed rules for designing your own Traders, Classes, NPCs and even new enemies!

The Core Space Universe

The background and history of the characters, locations, and the deadly threat of the Purge.

Behind the Scenes

An insight into the making of Core Space.

Product Overview

This deluxe, 176-page hardback rulebook contains everything you need to play Core Space in one place. It is a companion product to the Starter Set and other associated products, expanding the game with advanced rules, background and customisation.

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This is a great addition to the base game. The highlight is the background lore and the rules for creating your own factions and traders to customise your games. The index makes rule finding easier, and the Kickstarter campaign ‘behind the scenes’ section is an interesting read.

To me the best selling point of this book is the rules to creating your own classes, civilians, crew, foes, and weapons! This turns a great game into an amazing playground! The book is well organized too, which is sadly rare for books of this sort. Visuals are great and the advanced rules for more complex play are truly fun and add another element to this fantastic game!

If you have Core Space, this is a must have, after you play the basic rules, you want more deep, more things to be able to do, the book offers the advance rules, GM rulings, character creation rules, lore and more. Moving into advance rules it creates a total different feeling of the game, dragging crates, teammates, blowing up doors, crates being destroyed while hidden behind, diving through windows, jumping across furniture, crawling, using a chair to smash it into an enemy, kicking a table to get better cover, you name it, its so immerse that once you start on it, you can't go back, plus if you get into more than just the single level, it DOES have the rules for multilevel playing, stairs, using ladders, jumping across gaps, a full setups of rules that makes the game shine even more

This product is an optional buy for Core Space. However, it is crucial, if you want to expand your Core Space games, beyond the base game! You get guidelines for making your own campaigns, missions, enemies, player characters and NPCs, have additional rules for terrain, extraction and many more. It also contains the basic rules from the tradeback rulebook and behind the scenes information in addition to the much requested lore background for the Core Space universe. If you just have the core set of Core Space, I would wait a bit with buying this rulebook. Once you are feeling safe with the base game, I would recommend grabbing this book with another crew and/or a bigger expansion (Zed or Galactic Corps)

This book is a must have if you are a fan of the core box game but want to take your game to the next level (literally). There's plenty of additional rules that just open up the possibilities of this game.

My group uses the deluxe rulebook for all our Core Space games, with advanced rules and custom character generation being highlights. The various advanced/optional rules help increase verisimilitude, allowing you to do things that make sense rather than saying "no, that isn't in the rules."

A book that is not necessary to start but almost essential as it covers all the points of advanced rules and explores the potential of the game. This game is a revelation, a breath of fresh air. It's epic, nervous, original, accessible, immersive...

The Deluxe is certainly not a necessity, but it feels so nice to have a solid hardcover book in hand. I have both soft and hard covers, and the hard cover makes it feel like a first grade space opera in board game form.

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