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Core Space is a science fiction miniatures board game for 1-6 players. Each player takes control of a band of Traders trying to make a living in a dangerous galaxy, all the while hunted by the Purge, a semi-sentient race of humanoid machines whose sole task is to harvest worlds. It can be played competitively or co-operatively, and missions can be linked with a detailed campaign system.

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Core Space Starter Set - £89.99

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Product Contents

8 Trader Miniatures
  • The Crew of the Black Maria
  • The Crew of the Ion Hope
9 Purge Miniatures
3 Civilian Miniatures
8 Plastic Crew Dashboards
11 Character Boards
8 Class Boards
1 Purge Board
2 Ship Boards
1 Plastic Hostility Tracker
7 Dice
20 Event Cards
104-Page Rulebook
42 Counters
189 Plastic Pegs
Token Pouch with over 100 Equipment Tokens
  • 1 Printed Neoprene Gaming Mat 2' x 2' / 600mm x 600mm
  • 29 Assorted Walls
  • Over 100 Assorted Scatter Components and Accessories

Product Overview

It’s all coming apart. The thousand-year galactic accord is crumbling, superstition and fear is replacing science and reason, governments are becoming increasingly draconian, a mysterious alien species is burning entire worlds and the black hole in the galactic heart is making worrying noises.

Amidst this bedlam are the traders, trying to scrape a living with nothing but their wits and their simple credo to follow:


Core Space is a science fiction miniatures board game. Each player takes control of a band of Traders trying to make a living in a dangerous galaxy, all the while hunted by the Purge, a semi-sentient race of humanoid machines whose sole task is to harvest worlds.

A game of Core Space takes place on a detailed 3D board. Your Traders must explore the area, fulfil their objectives, salvage what they can and then escape back to their ship, spending their earnings on desperately-needed repairs. The exciting campaign system will track your crew from game to game, developing their skills, upgrading their equipment and telling their story.

This core set accommodates 1-2 players, but the game supports up to 6 players using additional Trader crews available separately.

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Brilliant sci-fi game every thing about it is great. From the minute the purge arrive you can really feel the tension building just like a movie. Get it you won't be disappointed.

The support from BattleSystems is great, the delivery company lost our package, and BattleSystems was very helpful in dealing with it and we got our replacement game in no time :) ... Did I mention that the game is super cool? It is! Cheers Arend

Core Space is probably the bast sci-fi skirmish / RPG game ever! No two games are alike, every time you take your Traders into the Barrens, you will find new equipment, fight the Purge in different areas, the events will always mix up the game, you will never know what will happen. A perfect Solo, Co-op and multi-player games that ticks all the boxes, plus you get everything in the box, scenery, minis, game mat and more. You Have countless mission to go on in single one off games or strung out into a campaign. The live search mechanic is outstanding, you get so much fun from searching those little crates. The advancement after a game adds a whole new level of fun, it have a RPG element where you crew level up, buy new equipment and lots more. Don’t bother searching for other games, just buy Core Space and you will be hooked from the start.

A light yet flexible RPG/skirmish game crossover. The Purge make an excellent foe and timer, preventing games from outstaying their welcome and encouraging players to take characterful risks, leading to those tabletop stories we all love to retell. The box itself is cunning, in that everything will fit back into it between games, allowing you to save space, take to clubs, etc with ease. Overall a bargain or a game, and a great experience for new players and old hands alike.

Great Game. Me and my friend love it. Got six crews now and together with more Battle System Scifi Terrain we basically have endless possibilities. Even with the Starter Set alone there are endless hours of fun. This is the type of Game where you talk about the stories that happened long after a game finished.

Core Space is an amazing game solo or with friends. You travel through space on various missions, recruiting new crewmates, leveling up old ones, and trying to survive against the Purge and your few scavengers. Absolutely brilliant game! I highly recommend this to anyone, but especially if you are looking for an epic game that can be enjoyable both solo, coop, or competitively! There is a reason this was the first game of mine I ever got fully painted. It's just such a treasure of a game!

Core Space is such an Immersive and Amazing game from the terrain to how you build your crew if i could give it a 10 i would.

What a game, narrative drive, great system, great terrain and great minis. The possibilities are endless. Pick your crew and go. Absolutley love this game, with a simple rules gorgeous high quality production value you really cannot go wrong with this. This game ticks so many boxes. Part skirmish, part RPG but all fun in a big box. With this box you get everything you need to dive in, don't be daunted when you first open the box. You get so much for your money and all high quality. From dice to minis to counters terrain and even a wonderful mouse mat style play mat in glorious detail. The excellent rule book explains everything, given choices to make or to just dive in with one of the two preset crews in the box. If your a fan of the starwars or firefly genres this will be right up your street. Once you start I defy anyone not to start expanding with the excellent expansions which only help embellish an already awesome game. The only, limits to this game really is your imagination!

Core Space is a fantastic sandbox game where anything can happen. It's hugely atmospheric, the incredible terrain is like nothing else, the amount of quality components in this game is insane. Components The neoprene mat, cardboard terrain and the minis really make this game draw you into. Minis are plastic and require no assembly. Each mini has great character, and while I highly recommend painting them, they come in different colours to easily identify the different types, so you can play straight out of the box. Set and and break down My first Con is the the time required to set up the terrain. However, this never feels like a choir, the easy to clip together terrain and amazing design makes it a pleasure to construct and see how beautiful this game is. It usually takes me about 30mins to set up everything, and a little quicker to take down and restore. Storage They Battlesystem team have done an incredible job to make sure this game restores in the same box, even when the scatter terrain has been put together. Check out their helpful unboxing and removing videos on YouTube. Playtime Each game does very based on the decisions you make around the sandbox style events that can play out. Each game usually takes me between 45mins to an hour as a solo gamer, add some extra time if you plan on playing this as a group. What you need This game comes with a lot of optional expansions that really add to the incredible universe, each expansion has its own theme. But you really do only need a base game, the campaign in this game is hugely repalayable, there are options to make your own missions, a huge variety of community content and the Mission Monday's created by the very talented Battlesystem team. Finally This is my favourite game, it's never leaving my collection and I recommend it to everyone!

Amazing game so much fun with great support we are loving it

Who doesn't love running around space stations finding awesome sci-fi guns, whilst being mercilessly pursued by increasingly scary soul-less murder bots?!? A bit of a beast to learn the rules (and symbols!), but after our first mission this became the favourite game for both my son and I. Just awesome!!! P. S. Watch out for the purple pants...

I got this game as ate pledge on Kickstarter, initially I got a wow visual on the table, but after reading carefully it looked like a great game, so I did the Late Pledge, When it arrived and finally set it on the table was really good, the basic rules really absorbs you in the game, that combination of Skirmish, Tabletop and Dungeon Crawler, made this Sandbox game incredible, searching items in the actual crates is an amazing feeling. It quickly became on of my favorite games, and not to be suprised, its not a gun blazing game, in fact you need to run, loot, do your objective and get out, things escalates quick, the advance rulebook is highly recomended, it has the advance rules, lore and character creation rules, its a blast, the advance rules makes the game even greater.

a complete game always getting better. customer service is the best. Love the game and I also use it when I group with the guys playing Savage Worlds the Last Parsec.

This is a great game. I play a lot of solo and enjoy the story this game creates.

I have been a solo tabletop gamer for quite a few years and have played a lot of miniatures-based games. Core Space is truly the best game I have ever played solo. The rules are simple, fast and intuitive. The enemies follow a simple A.I. system that constantly keeps the pressure on you while NPCs and event cards keep you on your toes. There is an abundance of options when it comes to creating the characters that make up your crew and the leveling system makes you want to play just one more game so that you can unlock that next skill perk. The Real Search system where you have to search the cargo crates is very satisfying if you are into looting, as I am. There is a wide variety of miniatures, all with their own distinct personality and style while feeling like they are all apart of shared universe. And on top of it all is the fantastic cardboard terrain that really immerses you into the actual environment. It's completely modular, easy to set up and best of all, does not need painted. In fact, the whole game is ready to play right out of the box. Core Space has easily become my favorite game and I can't wait to see what this universe has in store.

Core Space! A game that may surprise more than one. Salvage, Trade, Adapt and Survive! All is said! So what can we say except that the bet of compiling 3D and ultra-modular decorative elements with a pure SF miniatures game of the "sandbox" type, mixing RPG and skirmish... is successful! A skirmish-type game of figurines, in which you lead a small band of Traders (FireFly atmosphere or SW smugglers) who evolve in a rich and open universe where the Purge has appeared, a strange devastating alien race, enemy of all. So here we are at the head of a small team (often 2 to 4 characters) navigating in their makeshift ship in search of credits and goods to resell, stopping at space stations or planets as diverse and varied ( infinite possibility, especially with the many extensions of scenery available) and evolving, the time of a game, in rivalry or in (semi-) cooperation with other crews, on maps where she will meet different NPCs more or less caring : from the simple civilians, human or robot, to security agents, workers, criminals... until the famous Purge which will end up landing and shooting down everything that moves, literally, from the players to the NPC! The goal of each team will be defined by the scenario played (one shot or in campaign mode) but generally, it will be necessary to carry out actions before the Purge arrives in large numbers. But in any case, our crew can only survive by carrying out excavations (which often border on looting) to equip themselves, evolve and, once the game is over, trade to earn money. And that's the richness of the game system. Already during a game it feels like living an adventure but we will have to maintain our crew and our ship between each session. The rules are simple and the management of the NPCs works very well and the AI ​​is frighteningly well done. And the system allows a very large adaptation of the rules used but also of the universes in which you want to play. People have already made it possible to play with miniatures from Assault on the Empire, Nemesis, Aliens... There are dozens of campaigns and scenarios and it is possible to play in many configurations: solo , 2, more... or with a Game Master, yes! (NB: the basic box allows to play from 1 to 2 players, you have to buy or create other crews to play more) The Battle System decorations add a lot to the game. We evolve in ingeniously designed 3D decorations (walls, doors and a multitude of ambient decorations) which leads us to evaluate the shots and covers by truly immersing ourselves on the board! And the icing on the cake is the concept of searching and interacting with the decorative elements. Chests in particular, in 3D, which open and close and which contain very diverse gear (weapons and other galactic trinkets). It is one of the skeleton of the game, the search of these chests! One of our characters can search them and recover, or not, what they contain, even if it means emptying their backpack of things previously collected and deemed useless. We believe it! In summary, we have here a skirmish type game where it is not useful to have gangs made up of 10 miniatures but only 2-4, rules that are quickly assimilated, intuitive, with an AI that manages various NPCs, crazy scenery (unheard of at this level) which is an integral part of the game system, with incredible modularity in the use of rules and decorative elements, endless scenarios, numerous crews and NPC available, possible adaptations with other universes (for my part, my miniatures of SW Imperial Assault will finally evolve in 3D decorations and my aliens of Nemesis are delighted to trudge in huge space stations!!!), and, finally, very good accessibility. To say, I play with my 8 year old son and it goes well, especially on co-op missions. So yes, with 500 games in our toy library, of all types, of all genres, including RPGs and miniature games (SW, Némésis, Batman, Arcadia Quest, S&S...), we found in Core Space a game original, generous, open and evolving which subtly mixes everything we are looking for: fun, pure SF, miniatures (but not too much!), adventure, encounters and superb settings. We love it! PS : sorry, I'm french so my level of english is very average ;)

I was looking for both fantastic sci-fi terrain and a good game that I could play with my daughter. I found Core Space during internet searches and immediately purchased, not 1 but 2 core sets and some of the expansions. My daughter and I have enjoyed this game immensely. The storyline and the mechanics are very good. And, the terrain does really well for other games. I have used it for Star Wars miniatures and it looks super. I would recommend this for any one who enjoys sci-fi miniature games.

Core Space has quickly become one of my all-time favorite games. Each mission ends up being tense and exciting, and having the Purge threatening everyone in addition to other players' plans makes the whole thing wonderful challenging and unpredictable. That's not to mention the incredible terrain that wows everyone who plays. I loved the original game so much that I went all-in on the First Born Kickstarter since I knew I'd love it too.

Great figs. Great terrain. A battle mat. Excellent components. A fantastic value! And the game is good, too!

This is one of the best looking, streamlined, value packed games you can find. Corespace thematically feels like Firefly, mixed with the alien threat of Mass Effect game series. The core game comes with a full campaign to play through. Included on the site in the Downloads section are a ton of additional "official" missions as well that can be played with the core game. One great thing is that this game VERY much encourages is custom setups/missions. It is so so easy to build a map, set up spawn points, create a mission objective (rescue mission, escape, loot grab, intel gather), etc. This game is very easy to create missions for once you have gone through the campaign. One item that does NOT come with Starter Set is the Deluxe rulebook. If you are goin to buy this game, and potentially any expansions, you will eventually need to buy the deluxe rulebook. If you end up loving the game, you will also want to expand on 3d terrain sets that let you add multi-level design, elevators, ships, and check the facebook groups for unique designs like trains/trams, railways, mechs, spaceships. Great sci-fi minis, amazing artwork, fun story/world building. Terrain that can be used for any game. Value is through the roof.

Core Space is an RPG, miniature and board game all rolled up into one perfectly balanced and interconnected system. I love the terrain which can be used for any other type of miniature game. The minis come preassembled, but have excellent definition and details for hard core painters or those play it just like out of the can play any mission as a skirmish onechoff or enjoy a campaign with characters who come alive by upgrading their skills, stats and weaponry. Superb!

This is an amazing game from a fantastic team. It should be on everyones table.

Perhaps the best Sandbox game that you can found for now. As a sandbox, you can play as you want (Coop, Competitive, semi Coop), the only limit is your own imagination. All the fun come from the presence on the board of several factions PNJ (2 with only Corebox, but 6 or more with expansion), each of them have a different and original AI and agenda. On top of that, each player have a great choice to upgrade his ship or his crew, at least while they survive!! In addition to the intrinsic quality of the game, we could speak about the very reactive and efficient after sales services that Battle System give to the customers, it's an important fact nowadays!

Amazing. A full game in a box. With modular 3d scenery and game mat. Imagine if there was a game about Han Solos life.... It would be called Core Space. Intuitive mechanics with dice based combat but a multitude of skills mitigate the luck factor. It's a skirmisher, on a board.

Fantastic game! My order to the US arrived very fast. Next time I will order everything directly!

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